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Recently, I was informed of some good news that might help you to benefit from my experiences.

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

On this journey to benefit others from my experiences in handling three generations before and after death, I had several paperback copies of my book printed by @BookBaby. To help encourage you to try Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom, I submitted a copy of the book to Readers' Favorite for review. You can see the Reader's Favorite review here. While I know that no one wants to speak about death, especially their own or that of a loved one, death is simply part of life. Death is one subject that will not go away if we chose to ignore it.

It has been an enlightening experience thus far in pursuing book publication. Just about any author will tell you that the hardest part of writing is, of course, writing. Next on the list would be editing. It is easy to get lost in all those words laid down to for a singular purpose. That purpose is to give the reader's the best experience one can regardless of the subject. While many can lose themselves in the sheer variety of fantasy worlds offered these days. I tend to favor more educational reading, both professionally and personally.

To be a citizen of this planet means that one should be a student of life for life. In doing so, one also becomes a teacher for the same reason. To gather knowledge and not pass it on is a tragedy. I have experienced some of this behavior while interacting with the many members of the #WritingCommunity on Twitter while pursuing an online presence to spread the word of my first #indieauthor book release in July. Many authors in this community write well regardless of their perceived success. Many of those people have no problem offering suggestions, guidance, and support for the next generation of authors yet to be discovered.

While Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom would seem to be about death, it is actually about the health, safety, financial, and social events that surround death. These issues create a lot more complications for those left to pick up the pieces than that of the actual death. The various components surrounding death may create issues that drag on for years or even the rest of the life for those involved if the one who dies has not made specific provisions for this contingency.

Many of you are under the popular perception that all you need is a will and you are covered. This misconception is the reason many complications are created in the first place. There are so many other components relating to death and a multitude of reasons to update your directives throughout the entire course of one's life. Events such as weddings, divorce, births, deaths, significant health, or financial changes are the biggest causes for one to reevaluate your contingency plans.

While many of you may very well live to see a full life, it is not likely that you know the date of your own death or that of a loved one. The result is that many have not provided any guidance should you become incapacitated in some way. Check out my blog post Top 5 lists in case of a loss here to get started today for FREE.

Get more details on these issues and more in Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom.

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