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Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom available now.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Going to take a little break today from the journey of a first-time #indieauthor adventure of developing a book to share the news.

It's official. Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom is now available via #kindle on Amazon and in paperback @bookbaby. My first #selfpublished title discusses the many issues we all face in caring for elder friends and family as time catches up with them.

The journey began nearly a year ago. What started as a rant about various family members inability to handle the imminent death of the family matriarch, my grandmother, evolved into a way to assist others as they too will soon face a death boom as a result of the baby boom. This, as they say, was not my first rodeo, nor my second for that matter, but the third generation that I had front row seats for the finale.

There are several places within Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom that I mention that I am not an attorney, accountant, doctor, or other paid professional providing services to the elderly population. What I do have is more first-hand experience in handling all the issues surrounding caring for family elders than most will or should ever have. While we all will eventually lose close friends or family, it is an entirely different experience when you know their death is imminent and all you can do is provide support and comfort in their final days.

My professional work experiences have provided some of the management tools, but it is my life experience that has provided insights into handling this delicate situation that I offer to you. I know many are reluctant or even downright afraid to discuss the possibility of death, but it is inevitable. Avoiding the discussions surrounding this imminent situation will only serve to complicate an already difficult situation for all those involved.

Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom is at its core a self-help guide that can help you to understand the scope of the issues that you will be forced to face. If you have a family member who has faith in you and places their trust in you, you should be prepared for this eventuality. There is no undo button, you only get one chance to honor their wishes, and if you wait until the very end, many opportunities will have already passed you by.

Subscribing to www.deathandtaxes.life will keep you up to date on news and events, as well as, the latest blog post discussing one of the many nuances surrounding the death of those closest to you. Becoming a member of www.deathandtaxes.life you will give you access to the FREEMIUM content that can help you with your situation. Both printable and Google Sheets versions are available for your convenience.

Don't wait until it is too late, get your copy of Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom on #Kindle

or paperback from BookBaby today.

I hope that my experience can help you to negotiate the many hurdles you will face in caring for those closest to you. In the process you may just realize your own shortcomings regarding contingency planning, and spare those you may leave behind some of the headaches associated with the legal hassles surrounding death.

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