Death and Taxes is the first of Bridges Washington's non-fiction books focusing on bridging generation gaps. Fallout from the Baby Boom is now available for Kindle and in paperback. Planning of the next title has already begun.

Death and Taxes

Fallout from the Baby Boom

Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom reveals the depth of the looming elder-care crisis. There are many facets to the situation beyond the obvious size of the demographic that has begun aging into their 70s. Fewer children born to subsequent generations, a growing age gap between generations, and life expectancy all serve to complicate the eldercare issue.


Top Issues:
  • Slow versus fast killers you will likely face

  • Recognizing the early signs of failing health

  • Scope of Legal Documents

    • Power of Attorney

    • Medical Power of Attorney

    • Last Will and Testament

    • How to avoid the ones you don't need or get them for FREE

  • Ramping up family support​

  • Low-cost palliative care options

  • Hospice

  • Funeral options

  • Wake

  • Estate Probate issues (Executor versus Administrator)

While ignorance may be bliss, denial regarding death is just unnatural. It will happen to us all and quite likely before most of us are ready. The correct conversations and documentation can make a difficult situation easier for all as we handle the fallout from the baby boom.


"Death and Taxes proved to be a very insightful and interesting read. The author is quite knowledgeable about the stages of death and the steps one can take to deal with family issues, and the legal aspects needed after a loss. As a "baby boomer" I could personally relate to the personal touch the author has added and appreciate the chapters that outline this sensitive subject in detail."

Diana Pishner Walker, WV Author 

"Death & Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom is a must-read for anyone that is or will be a caregiver. No medical, legal, or accounting background is needed; the book is written in an easy to understand format.  The author does an excellent job of taking the reader through the various stages of the dying process - from the onset of illness to the actual death, to the estate administration and closure. As a professional that works in the estate tax area, I will strongly suggest my clients read this book."

—Elaine Dougherty, CPA

Death and Taxes : Fallout from the Baby Boom book cover


ISBN: 978-1-7338312-1-5 print

240 pages from BookBaby

ISBN: 978-1-7338312-0-8 Kindle


Publication Date: July 1, 2019