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Bridges Washington

Bridges Washington is a teacher, not by training nor by primary occupation, but by his very nature. His first book entitled Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom may appear to be all doom and gloom. It is in-fact a self-help book for those facing the challenges of aging parents and grandparents or even your own. While few are comfortable discussing the reality that tomorrow may never come, such a day is inevitably in everyone's future.


There are plenty of paid professionals who will tell you what you need to prepare for your twilight years. However, the focus of most of their talking points is quite narrow. In Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom, Bridges Washington walks you through the situations that you will likely face. For years the default scenario regarding death is that one parent takes care of the first parent whose health is failing. Then perhaps the eldest child assumes the duties in handling the second parent when their health starts to fail.

Over the past fifty years, the definition of "family" has evolved considerably. The number of situations that can alter the shape of one's family tree are too numerous to count. Bridges has already experienced many of the conditions that would change the "normal" progression of family members to the grave. Seeing two deaths and divorce occur within one year in his youth removed all the male influences from Bridges' family. His last great-grandfather, a grandfather, and Bridges's father all disappeared before he reached adulthood. This left Bridges as the sole male influence of the family and the one male all the females turned to for help. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. The need created by this void forced Bridges to reinvent how he looked at the world. Pursuing knowledge that not only had breadth but quite a bit of depth as well turned him into the renaissance man he fancies himself. Automobiles to woodworking and a whole lot in between, all became areas of study to fill the gaps left by three generations.

Bridges first book Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom focuses on caring for three generations of family in their twilight years. The book covers issues ranging from spotting early signs of failing health through finalizing their affairs after death and the nuances along the way. The next title will be a series about the loss of legacies that go beyond biology and money. While topics such as elder care, power of attorney, and estate planning are all discussed, many other issues can cause problems near death.

Bridges commitment to teaching is evident across this entire website. In addition to offering details about Death and Taxes: Fallout from the Baby Boom, there are many other ways to learn from his experience. Bridges gives you the chance to subscribe to the blog so that you do not miss the latest post. His blog features posts cover several categories, most of which are supplements to the book. However, in the spirit of being a teacher, he also has a category dedicated to lessons he has learned about publishing his first #indieauthor #nonfiction book. Additional resources are also available in FREEMIUM for you to VIEW or DOWNLOAD once you have submitted your information on the contact form

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